Fat Web models: whom are they needed?

Nowadays, many girls are interested in the possibility of working as a web model as an additional or main income. In the niche of web modeling, there is a long-established stereotype. Only a slender girl with a height above 170 cm can be a model. But does this stereotype apply to web modeling? Definitely not. A girl with different parameters can become a web model in St. Petersburg. All customers have different tastes, and certain indicators seem very attractive to some. And others prefer other parameters. In this area, everything is individual.

That is why the big webcam studios of St. Petersburg have in their staff employees of girls, including with appetizing forms. And having experience of cooperation with models of different appearance, employers note that curvy forms are very popular among customers. This is confirmed by hundreds of stories.

Two principles of the work of appetizing girls

For complete models, there are two basic principles of operation. The first is to visually reduce the volume. This can be done with the help of certain clothes, plus the selection of the right lighting and posture. You can look more slender without tight clothes and underwear. We have a whole article dedicated to this purpose. It is recommended to use soft artificial lighting in combination with the “lying forward with your head and chest” pose, if you show these parts of the body to the camera.

The second principle is radically different from the first-the model focuses on demonstrating its magnificent forms. Bright makeup and beautiful underwear will also help here. Which should be selected for your appetizing figure. For example, it can be a bra with lace, and tight high panties. It is always important to behave with the client in a relaxed and relaxed manner. Because being confident in your attractiveness, you are definitely waiting for customers. Full models who know how to show themselves have no less, and often even more customers than thin ones. Therefore, the main rule is to hook, interest the client and skillfully use natural data.