In order to use all the free functions at Chaturbate, you need an account. The good news: Registration is free and you don’t even have to enter an email address.

Chaturbate belongs to the Camportal variety, where you can visit chat rooms with a cam completely free of charge and watch the broadcasters “work” – without first creating a profile. The American company went online in 2011 and is completely committed to international camerotics.

The portal name is made up of the words “chat” and “masturbate”: Chaturbate.

Is Chaturbate Really Free?

Chaturbate is absolutely free for anyone over the age of 18. Whoever comes to the site for the first time is asked whether he or she is of legal age. You should answer this question truthfully – I think that goes without saying. You can now visit all chat rooms at any time and see the stream uncensored if the station is online.

You don’t even need an account with Chaturbate to see the live streams of the stations. For users, this is usually something completely new, but it’s true!

Without an account, you can only watch the camshow and have no way of interacting with the broadcaster or the community in any way. To be able to use the chat, you need an account with Chaturbate, for which you only need a valid email address and a nickname (pseudo, avatar name or similar).

How do I pay at Chaturbate?

The special thing is the way you pay for the channels. Cam users are used to paying per minute or using a flat rate like Fundorado. Chaturbate has a tip system. You only pay when you want and then only as much as you want.

The Camportal is popular worldwide and brings people from all over the world together. You can easily visit channels from America, Italy or Russia in Camchat.

In addition to the camshows, broadcasters can upload their own videos and pictures, which can then also be bought with the internal currency “tokens”.

The profile, the bio provides information about the age, origin and followers of the station. Chaturbate offers broadcaster fan clubs that you can join, spy shows and many other features that we will talk about, such as the Ohmibod Toy, which can therefore be controlled by the user.

The categories are clear: men, women, couples and transsexuals are listed. A system of tags is used for a deeper search.

Advantages as a premium user / supporter

It is only worth buying a premium (also called supporter) membership at Chaturbate if you know that you want to use the portal seriously. Premium membership can be canceled at any time with just one click. This is very important, because a simple and uncomplicated subscription system is extremely important, because the users (you and I) want it to be as simple as possible. Premium users naturally have advantages and some privileges:

  • Exclusive chat features (font and colors)
  • Write private messages
  • No annoying advertising on the site
  • 200 tokens bonus upon premium membership

Becoming a Chaturbate supporter or premium user can give you advantages at the channels. Based on their status, they see that you are not just any 08/15 user who is just looking for a quick kick but recognize you as a real fan of the platform. This can open the door to many advantages for you (video discounts etc.). You will be given preferential treatment, with the “Private Messaging” system you have a direct line to the transmitters.

You can also stand out in the chat with exclusive colors and fonts.

Do you need that? Not necessarily, but if you intend to use Chaturbate as your main portal in the long term, it is definitely worth considering.

How easy is Chaturbate?

At first glance, Chaturbate looks like a relic from the early 2000s. If you do something about the portal, it is ridiculously easy to find your way around. Work was not carried out consistently here. Everything is clear from the context and nowhere does one run the risk of getting stuck through incorrect translation.

The own profile is clearly and clearly divided, but is mainly intended for those who want to be active as a broadcaster themselves.

Chaturbate has many functions that only become apparent when you have been around for a long time, for example the Spycam, the advantages if you are a follower or the chat functions. You get to grips with the mechanics of Chaturbate quickly and you learn the basic functions very quickly to move freely in the portal, but you always discover something new, such as remote-controlled vibrators or token games in the chat, in which you have tip battles with other users.

The learning curve rises steadily and it doesn’t get boring.

Where’s the search?

Chaturbate has no search through which you can find stations by age, gender or preferences. Via a hashtag system, which is located directly above the cam overview, the cams can be displayed filtered according to preferences. Depending on the offer and focus, each broadcaster assigns hashtags that describe what the user can expect. Mature women therefore have the hashtag #Mature, #MILF or #Cougar. Broadcasters definitely use the hashtag and muscular men or women use the hashtag #muscle. Control question: Who uses the hashtag #squirt? The principle is simple.

Real channels vs. Fakes

On Chaturbate you will only find approved channels. Every broadcaster wishing to earn tokens must send a copy of their ID and a photo of themselves with their ID in their hand next to their face. This ensures that almost no fakes creep in.

Fun fact: Every transmitter that wants to use dildos, vibrators or the like must have these SexToys approved by Chaturbate so that only human tail dummies are shown online.

Every now and then a fake profile bugs under the cams, but when that happens, Chaturbate reacts very quickly and removes the imposter. I have only seen it once before that the cam show was a video – the account disappeared within a very short time.

Fetish, milfs, grannies, shemales and more

There are fetish channels and couples, MILFs, grannies and 18 year olds or shemales, gays and lesbians. Individually, in a double pack or in a group. You just need to know how to find them, because there are no categories that list each fetish individually. The only tool is the hashtag search. With this filter function you can search very effectively for the niches you are interested in.

The good thing is that you can watch the stations live in advance free of charge to see if you like them.

Some things are not allowed at Chaturbate. Pee / golden shower, for example, is not tolerated and presumably no KV.


The connection to Chaturbate is encrypted with 128 bits. The data that are exchanged via such a connection are therefore secure. This is especially important when paying once you have decided to invest in tokens.

Promotions and discount

Chaturbate does not offer any bonus promotions or discounts. Tokens always cost the same. However, broadcasters can offer discounts on private shows or offer cheaper videos and pictures. You will be more aware of such actions if you follow the channel (are followers) or have joined the fan club.


Chaturbate prefers to pay by credit card. You also have the choice to pay via EPOCH with Sofortüberweisung, Maestro, GiroPay or even with the Paysafecard. The Paysafecard is the payment method with maximum anonymity.

Anonymity when paying

In any case, you remain anonymous with the Paysafecard. You can buy the Paysafecard at petrol stations, in supermarkets or at kiosks. If you decide to pay with your credit card, “multimedia” will be displayed on the invoice as the intended purpose. The item is camouflaged as neutrally as possible and there should be no embarrassing questions from the partner.

The transmitter profile

The transmitter profile is kept simple, but can be freely designed by the transmitter.

There are the standard points such as name, birthday, age, gender, language skills, smoking or drinking habits, tattoos / piercings, but also more specific information such as number of followers or, last online activity.

The profile can be freely designed in the lower area of ​​the BIO, where broadcasters can let their imaginations run wild and upload pictures or graphics. Many broadcasters immortalize their most generous fans in this area using a leaderboard or post their chat room here. At Chaturbate it is always worthwhile to scroll down the station profile, because here you will often find interesting and / or sexy additional information about the station you are visiting,

The rules at Chaturbate

The basic principle at Chaturbate is: just be friendly and respectful of the channels and other users. Everyone wants to have fun and for most of them this includes a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Do not insult anyone and do not annoy anyone. Very easily.

Each broadcaster can also determine their own house rules for their own chat room. Some channels do not want to be called “baby” “babe” “bitch” or do not want to see animated gifs in the chat history. If this is the case, the sender may include this rule in their own chat room house rules. Those who do not stick to it have a good chance of being kicked out of the chat by the moderator. Before that there is usually a warning, but then it is quickly enough to fly out of the chat room.

Why are the rules monitored so closely? Chaturbate is an open and tolerant cam community, which means that an unbelievable number of users visit the chat rooms (it’s free too). If you do not act rigorously in this environment, you risk total chaos.

Tip: tokens

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, you only pay here if you want to. If you send a tip to a broadcaster, you can determine the amount of the tip yourself. To tip you have to buy tokens first. As soon as you have loaded tokens on your profile, you have a new chat color. Light blue means you have tokens, dark purple means you have donated 1000 tokens in the last week. This is also how the sender sees who he or she is dealing with.

For example, if a camgirl sees that you have spent over 250 tokens in the past week (your name in the chat is light purple, she may be more likely to respond to your wishes because she has a good chance of getting a nice tip from you.

It is often the case that there is real bidding competition when users try to outdo each other with tips. It has already happened to me, sometimes that has to be easy.

Become a follower

To become a follower you need to have an account with a verified email address. Just click the “Follow” button and never miss out when the channel you’re following goes online. To stop following the station, just click on “Unfollow”. No hooks, no eyes – that’s the way it should be.

Join a Chaturbate Sender fan club

If you find a station particularly good and want to show it and want to enjoy extra material and features with him or her, then you can join his / her fan club, if it is offered.

Membership in a fan club costs you a monthly fee, which the broadcaster can set itself. The advantages of a fan club membership: Your username in the chat will appear green on this channel in the future and you have access to all blocked pictures and videos of the channel. As a bonus, you can send the user private messages. The monthly contributions for the fan clubs vary massively in some cases. Be sure to check the monthly price beforehand.


If a station is in a private cam show you can watch the show with the Spycam. As an observer, you can of course do nothing and are completely passive: no chat, no interaction, nobody knows that you are there. Ok, yes. The station of course sees who in

earn money

You can earn money at any time as a broadcaster on Chaturbate. To have your profile activated for sending, you have to prove that you are of legal age. Chaturbate will check this by requesting a copy of your ID and an additional photo of your ID that you are holding next to your face. As soon as your account is activated, you can receive tokens.

To be successful as a broadcaster you should:

Like to show you online in front of the cam – people quickly notice if you are only here for the money.

Are ready to be there for your future fans very regularly in front of the cam – people want something that they can rely on.

Have a chic and meaningful profile – not so important, but a good profile rounds off the appearance


It is difficult for us to find real criticisms, because Chaturbate is a solid camportal with free chat.

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