If you are visiting Livestrip for the first time, you will find a very clear Camportal. At first glance, the visitor notices that this is a high quality offer. In fact, LiveStrip is one of the market leaders in livecam chat.

For more than 10 years, Livestrip has proven to be a reputable portal that has always boasted of innovations that were also groundbreaking for competitors.

Livestrip, for example, were the first to offer dildocontrol or livecam show recording. So if you register here, you have chosen a good provider. So much is said.

LiveStrip: cams made for men

Livestrip is a cam portal for men. How do I get that to say that? Actually there should be something for everyone … Yes, but it is not. Not on livestrip. Here the man with lust finds almost only women.

Ok, but how do I get to the ladies now?

The offer of the cam portal focuses on cam chat and telephone sex. The two subject areas go well together and can be combined just as well. Interaction with the cam girls is possible, but the possibilities are limited. The same applies to the amateur videos of the stations. Every cam model can upload videos and pictures here. However, the presentation on portals like MyDirtyHobby was a lot better.

Concentrating on cams and phone sex is a good decision from Livestrip, because the cam provider attracts users who know what they want. Cam erotic is now a good substitute for visiting a prostitute. Chatting and watching the live stream is non-binding and comparatively cheap. If you want, you can deepen an existing contact. In the best case, this ends in a virtual friendship that is characterized by trust and empathy.


The selection of women is very good. Livestrip has managed to unite an enormous variety of different women on the portal. Many preferences are satisfied here. The user will find very young Camgirls from 18 as well as housewives and Milfs and women from 50 (keyword: GILF). All stations speak German and are therefore ideally suited to conduct somewhat more in-depth conversations. Nobody who speaks German will be able to complain that he has problems with the language. On the contrary. Many preview videos can be listened to again and again because of the beautiful voices and the eloquent German.

Lean offer for women and gays

If you are looking for more transsexuals and ladyboys, you should better look at international cam portals such as Chaturbate, Bongacams or LiveJasmin (Our articles on Chaturbate, Bongacams and LiveJasmin). We only found two (5 !!) men in the “Boys” category.

One of them was “Emil” (exactly the legendary String Emil). Those looking for exotic can look for ladyboys and trannies on a live trip. This fetish is offered here, albeit on a small scale.

Although women and gays are more or less empty on livestrips, I see it more positively. Livestrip does not even try to offer something for everyone, but remains true to itself and its concept.

What is there for free?

Anyone who opens a new account with Livestrip will receive a 10 minute voucher for the camchat. This chat voucher is worth around 10 euros. With this voucher you can get up to 10 minutes free in up to 10 different camchat shows. Every minute started is billed. This means that if you try out 10 different cam shows and only stay in the chat room for 10 seconds each time, your free credit will be used up quickly. To prevent this from happening, we have a few tips below:

BEFORE you choose a cam girl you want to visit.

Run a watch with a second display so you can get out of the show before a new minute begins.

Look at the rating of the station in the Camgirl profile. The more stars the model has, the better.

Even without an account, surfers can use livestrip features for free and get an overview. If you want, you can watch free videos and pictures for hours. In this way, everyone can obtain all publicly available information about a station. The Camgirl profile contains some basic information about the Camgirl, which can be important when making the pre-selection. Due to the lack of a live preview, the visitor is dependent on the smallest information about the station. Livestrip still provides enough information about a station so that the customer is not yet a good first impression.

Channel profiles on livestrip

The transmitter profiles offer a lot of information at a glance. The most important thing is the video player, with which you can also view the free images in the account. At the top right next to the player window you can see immediately whether the channel is online and how expensive the chat is per minute.

Instructions for the test account

So that it really works with the test account and the chat voucher, we now explain which steps are necessary to test the portal.

1: Your “pseudo”

Choose your pseudo or nickname. This is then displayed in the chat. If you write messages to Camgirls, this pseudo is your sender.

2: password

That should be clear. Think of a password that is as complicated as possible. But you should remember it long-term so that you can log in later.

3: Email address

Please enter a valid email address. The emails from Livestrip will be sent to this address.

4: Optional: newsletter

With a check mark you can choose whether you want to receive the newsletter or not.

5: “Create account”

If you click on the Create Account button, you will create a new account.

The first part would be done, your account will be set up. Your profile will open after a short time. At the top left of the menu, you can now select “Test for free”. Click on this button.

1: Country code

Germany is preselected. If you do not live in Germany, you must of course select your country code.

2: cell phone number

Now it’s your mobile number’s turn. Make sure that the number is correct, because the 10-minute chat voucher will be sent to it.

3: SMS

A short time later you will receive a number code via SMS.

4: Redeem code

Enter the code and enjoy 10 free minutes.

Alternatively, you can also log in with your existing Facebook or Google+ account. This is an easy and convenient way. No one on Facebook or Google+ will notice that you are signing up or logging into LiveStrip. Nothing is posted on your wall.

Are there German channels?

The answer is yes. Livestrip is a German-language portal with German cam girls. If you find an English-speaking camgirl here, you should play the lottery.

In other words, the chance of finding a non-German camgirl is rather slim.

Is there always something going on here?

There is hardly any idle in a live trip. Although most of the stations live in Germany there is something going on at any time of the day or night. A virtual quickie before and after the late shift is possible. Someone is always online and is looking forward to your visit.

What types of chat are there?

Livestrip offers four chat modes that have different effects on the experience. There are limited and cheap chat types and expensive but exclusive techniques that can be used. Depending on your wallet, you can choose here. The broadcasters can set their own minute price themselves within a certain framework. Prices between 1 and 2 coins are normal.

Group chat – a chat room for everyone. Here everyone can write in the text chat. The Camgirl can only fulfill extra sausages to a limited extent.

Separate chat – Here the customer is alone with the cam girl in the chat room and can chat exclusively with her. Secret wishes are also fulfilled here.

Cam2Cam – This is the increase of the private chat. You can turn on your webcam and thus show yourself to the camgirl.

Voyeur Chat – The Voyeur Chat is a stripped-down chat variant, because it is not possible to use text chat.

Every user can record the livecam chat in the separate chat and watch the video of it again and again at any time. Livestrip saves the saved recordings in the Control Center under “Chat recordings”.

Incidentally, there is bad news for everyone who hoped for free chat. Unfortunately, there is not yet a live trip. If that should change, we will let you know right here!

More features

In addition to the Livecam Recorder, Livestrip has other functions that we have not found in any other portal.

Dildo Control – You can control a camgirl’s special dildo via the chat interface. That means you control the camgirl’s orgasm. This feature can only be used for live trips.

Muschi Control – You can order a special pocket pussy from Livestrip, which is controlled by the camgirl. A camgirl can control your special pocket pussy remotely using a specific software. This way you can control your orgasm in a targeted manner. Muschi Control exclusively offers livestrip.

Lingerie Shop – Here you can buy the camgirls’ worn underwear. A shop for real fans! In the shop you can buy worn panties, used dildo or shoes (heels or peep-toes), for example.

Fetish on livestrip

There is a trend to virtually try out or live out your own fetish interest on the Internet. At least since the hit movie “50 Shades of Gray” there is a new awareness and openness to actively live out fetish fantasies instead of just dreaming about them.

It is not important to want to emulate Mr. Gray. Rather, more and more submissive men have the courage and live out their fantasies online. The Internet is almost perfect for this.

In the fetish section of Livestrip, professional dominas are looking for slaves for online education, femdom, money fetish and more. The fetish chat is primarily about humiliation and pain fantasies. Online dominas offer a service in which the sub, i.e. the user, gets the kick through targeted humiliation. This can mean an enormous increase in pleasure.

Getting to know each other is particularly important when choosing a dominatrix. Of course, this happens online in chat. At this stage, the dominatrix and slave sniff each other to see if they fit together. Trust and sympathy is important because both trust and sympathy are essential in online education.

A good entry into the online fetish world are the fetish videos at Livestrip. Here you will find many so-called weighting instructions for dominas. You will also find videos on the subject of foot fetish, cuckold, nylon, BDSM, latex, facesitting or education. Videos have the advantage that you can watch different types of games in peace and at the same time notice whether you like the dominatrix. The beginner can also get a good first overview here.

Do I have to register with Livestrip and if, do I remain anonymous?

You don’t have to do anything, but it doesn’t do any harm if you register. Without an account you can watch all preview videos and all public photos of the stations. In the cam overview, the display can be sorted as desired without restriction. Categories can also be chosen freely.

Without an account, you can move freely in the portal, but your options are limited. In the transmitter profiles you can see the video overview of the model, but you cannot click on any of the videos.

The free account is non-binding and does not commit to anything. However, from the very first minute it opens up many new and useful options that you can use.

Anyone who creates an account can remain completely anonymous. When registering, you can only choose a pseudo, i.e. a fantasy name. A free mail address is set up quickly and you can start off incognito. If so-called personal data is collected, then only for the purpose of billing, to prevent multiple registrations or to check the age. Your data will never be passed on to third parties, but will only be saved with Livestrip.

With the help of the favorites list, you can easily remember cam girls that you no longer want to lose sight of. You can also use the account to redeem vouchers, manage purchased or free videos, write messages to broadcasters and much more. If you want, you can also create your own profile so that the cam girls can learn more about you.

How do I cancel my account?

The account cannot be deleted, as with some American providers. But this is not necessary at all, because if you no longer want to use the service, you simply no longer visit your profile. You can of course unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time.

Is livestrip safe?

The site is 128 bit encrypted. Logging in and surfing is thus as secure on the site as it can currently be.


At the latest when you want to chat with the cam girls, you spend money. In contrast to international providers, Livestrip is a cam portal that charges per minute.

The currency on the portal is coins. These are bought online in the “Buy Coins” area in packages of 10 coins or more. The more coins are bought at once, the cheaper the price of a coin becomes. The tiered discounts are a big advantage that you can use wisely.

Buy a large coin package and save up to 20% on the purchase price.

You can also pay in different ways. Livestrip accepts the following payment methods:

  • VISA or Mastercard credit card
  • Direct debit
  • Instant bank transfer
  • Pay by mobile phone
  • Pay by landline
  • Paysafecard
  • Payment in advance
  • Giropay
  • BitCoin
  • Immediate access via mobile phone or landline phone
  • MasterPass
  • Epoch Payment

Paying with Livestrip is absolutely safe and uncomplicated. The services through which the purchase is processed are absolutely reliable and are also used in normal online shops. Only with a reliable payment system could Livestrip rise to the top of the German cam portal providers.

Can I pay anonymously?

If you don’t want to leave any traces when paying, you can also pay anonymously on Livestrip. Paysafecard and Bitcoins are currently the methods in which you leave virtually no traces.

Girlfriend, wife, boyfriend or husband will not be aware of your dirty hobby.

You can get the Paysafecard in almost every supermarket or at petrol stations. Paying with bitcoins is a bit more complicated. So the Paysafecard is probably your first choice.

What is the price / performance ratio?

The price-performance ratio is very good for a Camportal that bills per minute. If you use the discount graduation correctly, you can get the coin for about € 0.80, i.e. for 80 cents.

On top of that, there are regular discount promotions and competitions where the customer can win additional coins in the form of vouchers or discounts.

Are there any hidden costs?

No. Again: With Livestrip, customers only pay for what they use. Users only pay for the minutes in the chat and the features that they actually use. Of course, a separate chat session, which is also recorded, is more expensive than the voyeur chat, which only costs a fraction of a minute. The huge advantage is that customers can choose when and how much they want to spend at any time.

What is the support like?

LiveStrip Support takes users’ questions and problems very seriously. Support can be contacted at any time using a support form. The questions are usually answered within a few hours, unless it is a holiday, weekend or in the middle of the night.

Frequent user questions are answered in FAQ. Questions about the test account, coins or technical questions are answered here.

Information about livestrip

Livestrip started over 10 years ago. During this time, the provider developed into one of the German market leaders. The company is now based in Spain.

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