The Fundorado Erotic Flat Rate: Mock Pack or Holy Grail?

If you are looking for safe and contemporary eroticism online and want more than live cams, you cannot avoid Fundorado. As simple as that.

We could actually stop here, but I would still like to share facts and experiences so that you can get an idea of the erotic flat rate. Livecams are a central focus of the portal. Nevertheless, eroticism from canned food is not neglected. Other components of Fundorado are amateur videos, porn films, picture galleries and reality productions from Germany that are unique on the market.

Here we have created a guide to registering with Fundorado.

What is special about Fundorado is the overall package, which is already offered in this basic package by this provider:

  • Very large livecam flat rate (studio cams and regular star shows with camgirl stars)
  • If you want, you can also buy coins and visit cam girls directly (e.g. as with livestrip, bongacams or LivesJasmin)
  • Great porn video store
  • Exclusive reality porn productions that you won’t find anywhere else
  • Security against viruses and Trojans because the system is closed
  • Absolutely exemplary, free, professional, competent and damn friendly support
  • Test for free (if you don’t like it, don’t forget to cancel early)
  • Technically up to date (responsive, mostly HTML5 player)
  • Regular updates in the video departments

Who uses Fundorado?

Anyone who likes surfing the internet on sex sites should be well served with Fundorado. Because when it comes to security and diversity, Fundorado definitely plays in the top league of online erotica. Anyone who values ​​a clean PC should be willing to invest a few euros here, because Fundorado is safe. On free portals such as XHamster, the porn consumer can quickly catch unwanted malware. Fundorado is also ideal as an entry into the world of online eroticism. Beginners often don’t see the forest for the trees. For this reason, Fundorado is the perfect subscription portal. Are you interested in cam chat and are not yet sure if live erotica is something for you? Live cam chat is not for everyone, tastes are different. If you want to try yourself in chat, you are in good hands with Fundorado. There are enough studio cams available at a fixed price so that there is no time for boredom. Because chatting also needs to be learned. Not everyone can shake fluffy sexy chats out of their sleeves. While you may come under pressure on portals with minute-by-minute billing, with the cam flat rate you have all the time to get to know the cam girls in peace.

Why studio cams are better than their reputation today

Not everything was better in the past. For example studio cams. In 2006 there were already studio cams, but they were so modest that it was sometimes difficult to see what was happening there. A lot has changed today and the technical progress has not left the Live Cam Studios without a trace. The resolution of the studio cams has gotten much better. The standard resolution of the transmission is already more than sufficient. Even in zoom mode, every detail that matters is clearly visible. In other words: If you opt for the basic package, you are best served with the studio cams, especially since there are live XXX shows included several times a month.

The studio cams at Fundorado

Fundorado Studio Cams Overview In the overview, active cams are marked with a green dot. The sorting can also be selected so that cams that are online are displayed first. This ensures that you do not click into chat rooms that are offline. Each preview picture shows the features that are available to the user in the chat. These are both free inclusive features as well as additional functions with costs. Examples of such cam features are:

  • Cam2Cam
  • Interactive dildo control
  • HD quality
  • Phone sex
  • Also runs on mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android devices and smartphones

The current station name is displayed under the name of the cam studio. So you can see immediately if your favorite camgirl is online. The cam girls are friendly and obviously enjoy their work. Most cam girls are always on the move and want to offer you something as soon as they notice you in the chat. For this reason, it makes sense to write to the channels in the studios in chat. It is up to you whether you want to chat or just watch. Of course there is not much going on in the morning. The cam girls will of course see that you are in the chat. However, if you don’t make yourself noticeable, very few will pull out all the stops to entertain you. So: If you like a cam girl, then take your heart and write her in the chat! She will be happy and if you are friendly and charming you will be surprised what she will do for you. The following studios broadcast on Fundorado:

  • Cam Studios
  • 1001 night
  • Africa cam
  • BumBum party
  • Office cam
  • Lingerie cam
  • Hamburg Girls (from Gold tariff)
  • HD Action / Lesbo / Studio
  • Hot girls
  • JosyBlack
  • Livesex show
  • Girls shared apartment
  • Magic cam
  • Milf cam
  • Furniture Cam
  • nylon
  • PaulaRowe
  • Pornstar cam
  • Prague girls
  • Pusta sleep / play / beach
  • Show girl
  • Solarium cams
  • Star shows
  • Camera perspectives

In the HD studio you can choose different camera perspectives and this can bring variety to the way a cam show is viewed. The default view from the front is usually enough, and yet it is always fun to switch through the different perspectives. Especially the view from above or from the side reinforces the feeling of being a voyeur. By the way, the HD quality is awesome. The girls like to use the zoom and allow deep insights, where every detail comes into its own. Other studios can be displayed in a “picture in picture” in the stream window, or other camera perspectives of the current studio. If you want to see an alternative perspective on the main screen, you can too. Depending on whether you are using the new or old Fundorado version, the selection options are either above or below the chat window. In the old Fundorado version above the window, in the new version under the chat window. Switching perspectives in full-screen mode can be a bit tiring, because you have to exit full-screen mode to click the corresponding button.

The classic of the studio cams are the solarium cams at Fundorado. Even the basic member has unlimited access to all cams in the solarium. With this offer, the online voyeur is served on several levels.

Registration in the solarium, waiting room, foyer

Customers and later solarium girls are examined with a webcam as soon as they register. If the solarium customers have to wait until a cabin becomes vacant, you can watch everything closely and look forward to being undressed.

Solarium cabins

There are a total of 6 solarium cabins. 4 cabins for women and 2 cabins for men. 3 webcams are installed in each cabin of the tanning salon. The perspective can be changed directly in the cam picture. Unfortunately, a change of perspective is not possible in full screen mode.

Webcam 1: the changing area

Here, visitors undress before lying on the sunbed. For many solarium voyeurs, it is particularly attractive when women or men who just read a newspaper in the waiting room of the solarium take off their clothes.

Webcam 2: The foot camera

This is the most interesting perspective for many. From the soles of the feet, the webcam films directly between the legs. The woman or the man is not always in the optimal position so that you can see everything. As an observer, you lie in wait as an observer and wait for the perfect moment when everything fits. Because if you have a completely clear view of the plum here, it’s like winning the lottery. The FußCam is probably the most used webcam.

Webcam 3: head camera

In this perspective, the film is filmed from the head down. This perspective also has its appeal, although this setting should not be used too often.

Standard resolution vs. HD quality

The HD cams are a feast for the eyes. The quality is absolutely sufficient to enjoy every detail with strong zoom settings. The resolution of the standard cams is not quite as good, but it is still sufficient. The quality of the cam image is very good throughout. Every cam has flawless audio transmission.

Including cam functions

All studio cams are included. For some studios, however, you must have at least one Gold membership to visit them.

Audio – Sound transmission is included with all studio cams. Great!

The chat is always included. Before going into the chat, you will be familiarized with the chat rules. Read everything through.

Cam2Cam is included. We think that’s good! However, this function is voluntary. If the camgirl decides that she doesn’t want Cam2Cam, accept it. Maybe the next time she visits, if you know each other better.

Camera perspectives

paid cam functions

Dildo control – You have to buy coins for this function. The minute costs 1 coin. You can find all information on dildo control by clicking on the icon in the chat window.

Phone sex – you can call the camgirl and talk to her directly. The minute costs € 1.99, which corresponds to the usual telephone sex prices. All information about the function is clearly communicated.

F ** kmachine control – The F ** kmachine is a highlight of the studio cams. To take control here, you need coins in the account. The use costs 1.5 coins per minute. Here you will also find all information directly in the function description in the chat.

All functions are described clearly and transparently. If extra costs are incurred, they are explained in an exemplary manner. There are no hooks and eyes because if the paid functions cost coins. So you have to have bought coins in order to use these functions. For telephone sex, you have to pick up the phone yourself and call. In other words: Each additional feature is queried several times before it is activated. A very fair solution.

1: 1 cams

The exclusive 1: 1 cams at Fundorado are unfortunately not included, but are billed per minute. The internal currency is used to pay: Coins. Coins should already be known from other platforms, because in Germany it is customary to pay the time in erotic cam chat per minute. In contrast to the studio cams, the extra costs are justified.

You can visit the channels that also broadcast on Camchat portals like Livestrip

Many amateurs online, which can also be found on MyDirtyHobby

No language barrier, the almost exclusively German broadcaster

Direct communication: here your wishes will come true if the camgirl wants to implement them.

Many real professionals in terms of dirty talk, weighting instructions, FemDom or slave

The 1: 1 cams are an enrichment of the camchat flat rate, because they offer all the advantages of the minute-based cams: mainly German channels that have been fulfilling the most secret men fantasies for many years before the cam know how to give a man what he needs. “Professional amateurs” offer a direct view of private bedrooms, offices, living rooms or fetish studios in the basement at home. Fundorado has managed to combine the best of both worlds: The affordable all-inclusive package for everyone and, if desired, coin-based cams, so exclusive 1: 1 chat without changing the portal. In other words: no one needs more cams. At least not if you value being safe and anonymous in a closed system.

Fundorado’s video offering

Those who have not had enough of the cams can access a large porn collection at Fundorado, which, like the cams, is also impressive. In the videos area there is perhaps the largest porn video collection on the German Internet. Already in the Basic tariff, an almost overwhelming amount of videos is waiting in the digital library. Thematically, nothing is left to be desired here, even though maybe very hard fetish fantasies can be fulfilled. In the Reality Video Department you will find exclusive German reality productions that are only available at Fundorado. The longer you are a member of Fundorado, the more videos will be unlocked gradually. In other words, little by little porn in the silver and gold range is released. In the higher tariffs, even more videos are waiting for you. This incredibly large selection of videos makes Fundorado the ideal erotic provider for porn surfers who value security and are interested in cams, especially since the scope of the film collection increases not only quantitatively but also qualitatively. The video offer is hand-picked and therefore 100% virus-free. Advertising is only available for in-house offers, which also complement Fundorado perfectly. The following labels provide the videos in the basic tariff

  • BB video
  • Collateral damage
  • Critical-X
  • Daring!
  • DBM
  • Germany porn
  • Eromaxx
  • Erotic planet
  • Goldlight
  • Inflagranti
  • Lexington Steele
  • Do 2
  • MMV
  • Nathan Blake
  • Often Goldwin
  • Platinum X
  • Powersville
  • Redmagix
  • Sindrive
  • Swank
  • Venality

Is Fundorado Support really that good?

No matter what problem you have at Fundorado, you will always receive competent and friendly help. No matter which way you contact the erotic provider. The core of the support is the free support hotline, which is there for you 7 days a week. At the other end is a Fundorado employee who knows the portal very well: in terms of content and technology. And who talks to you at eye level, no matter what problem you have. Everyone who is not a computer specialist knows this: You want to watch a film online or in the case of Fundorado a cam, a clip or the like and then that: No sound or no picture or both is not possible. This is the lust killer par excellence, especially if you have just made yourself comfortable in front of the computer. Now you want a support employee who knows where it could get stuck. Then it is good if an erotic portal has a good support hotline. That sounds like praise now, but Fundorado offers such support and we have never seen anything like it in German-speaking countries. Free telephone support is available for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The offers of the Fundorado family


Sadorado is the Fundorado pendant for fetish friends. The dark portal is entirely dedicated to erotic fetish. It can get really tough here: both with the videos and in the livecam area.


The minute-based Livecam offer from Fundorado. There are only webcams that are billed per minute. So if you want to devote yourself entirely to camchat, you can switch to this offer.


The amateur offer from Fundorado has virtually all the features that other amateur portals also offer. The good thing is that everything comes from a stable and therefore high quality standards apply.

Anyone who is a Fundorado customer and still does not have enough of professionally produced porn will be satisfied with veedee. Veedee offers an on demand portal that has an extensive selection of videos. That means: You only pay for what you really look at.

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