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Working as a webcam model story: strength test

I started working as a webcam model in the third year of university. Before that, I tried to work as a waitress as standard. And it was a nightmare – the hourly rate was low, and you didn’t always have to count on tips. Plus, I didn’t have enough time to study. Then she sat in pairs, completely exhausted after a whole evening on her feet.

But it was necessary to work, because I studied in St. Petersburg, more than 300 km from home. And I also had to rent an apartment (I live with a girl from my stream). We have lived together for more than 2 years, and have become good friends during this time. It was she who gave me the idea to work on the Internet.

Then I read a lot of information about webcam. In one evening, I decided that I would try, and started looking for a normal webcam studio in St. Petersburg.

Of course, at the beginning of the work, there was a question about whether to bare yourself while working. I have read various stories about how a webcam model without sex earns round sums and can afford to live almost without limiting herself in anything. At that moment, I thought – maybe I should try to work without sex for a start?

It seems to be quite real, as it seemed then. In fact, when I found real reviews of the work, I realized that this option is not for me. Because I needed a normal income in order to be able to support myself. And without sex, there was only a small part-time job every few days.

After discussing these facts with a friend, we decided that working as a web model without undressing, of course, is possible. But at the same time, you will not be able to have a stable high income. And that didn’t suit us at all.

We started working. We thought it would be terribly awkward to undress. In fact, the shyness passed after a few chats. It turned out that getting naked on camera is not as scary as in real life. You can choose the appropriate clothing, favorable lighting, pose, and then everything will look great. There are actually a lot of advantages. What was important to me was that no one could touch me. And look-well, let them look. The main thing is that I get paid a lot for it.

After almost 9 months of work, I can confidently say that working as a webcam model can give a stable high income, provided that you have a flexible working schedule.

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